Wow! It’s been already two months since I started my internship at Accenture! It’s high time to give you some first insights in my daily work life. Unfortunately, we have quite a strict corporate policy, so I cannot tell you any details about the client I am working for. But I can provide you with some impressions and insights that I gained so far, being actively involved in an ambitious work environment.

Right now, I am mostly engaged with the support of the project management team. Tasks include budget planning and monitoring, resource allocation, creating presentation slides as basis of decisions and conducting reporting analyses. Two assignments were especially exciting, and I am a little bit proud that I was able to contribute to them:

When I started my internship, there was a process of collecting data, which then had to be prepared in an appealing way in order to give a daily status update to the managers. The process included various steps, several different applications, was time consuming and vulnerable to errors. I managed to simplify this process by automating most steps and optimizing the most time consuming tasks. In the end, I was able to process all necessary data, build the presentation slides and email them to the managers in less than 2 minutes – which previously took approximately one hour every day.

The second very interesting topic I was working on was a resource usage forecasting tool. Given a set of several different tasks together with their due dates and allocated employees, I implemented a work plan in MS Project. The tool is now not only able to take into consideration every resource’s unavailability on each specific day, but can also tell when resources are over allocated and need to be relieved. When needed, it gives out detailed reports which enable our management team to efficiently plan for the next upcoming months.

So far, it was really a big pleasure working in this team. My colleagues are always friendly and ready to help if I have questions. I enjoyed the constructive work climate and the passion that everybody brings into the project. The team spirit becomes obvious in many ways, e.g. in joint sport activities like badminton and soccer, or various team building events that are always great fun.

Stay tuned for my next update!



Who I am

Welcome to my new blog! My name is Robin and I will be writing this blog for the upcoming three months to tell you about my Blind Applying experience at Accenture in Germany. To give you a little insight to my personal background I will start with a brief introduction of myself.

I was born in Frankfurt a. M., Germany and went to high school in a nice little town called Königstein. After graduation I began my studies at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology with the subject “Business Engineering”. During my studies I majored in management and computer science and was actively involved in some extracurricular commitments such as the Formula Student as well as a student consultancy. Before I started my Master’s at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, I decided to go abroad to conduct an internship at a leading German automotive supplier in Michigan, USA. This was a truly unique and amazing experience and I can only recommend it everyone to gain insight into a foreign culture. When I came back to Germany I already planned my next stay abroad. To further strengthen my conceptual and strategic abilities, I decided to study one semester at ETH Zurich, Switzerland. During my time there, I gained valuable knowledge in strategic management, technology entrepreneurship, mobile information systems and greatly appreciated the Swiss culture and especially the tasty food (I love fundue and raclette).

Besides my studies I love playing golf and I have a weak spot for old cars. Whenever there is time, I enjoy to go running. A couple of months ago I completed my first 20k marathon and I plan to improve my result in the near future as well.

Thanks for reading my blog! If you have any question, go ahead and ask whatever questions you might have.